Last Update: March 21, 2015

WiFi Radar HOWTO

Customize WiFi Radar for Linux Distributions

by Sean Robinson

While I don't know much about the process of making a distribution package, this document attempts to help packagers understand where they can make customizations specific to their distribution.

Configuration File

The key to customizing is the wifi-radar.conf file. A missing configuration file will cause WiFi Radar to prompt the user for preferences information and will write the configuration file if the user clicks the Save button.


This file is located at /etc/wifi-radar/wifi-radar.conf by default. It may be placed in another location by passing sysconfdir to make install (i.e. make install sysconfdir=/usr/local/etc/wifi-radar). This will cause WiFi Radar to look in that directory for its configuration file.

Helper Application Locations

Your distribution probably uses different versions of a DHCP client and WPA Supplicant. It probably also has different locations for those and the Wireless Extensions applications (e.g. iwconfig, iwlist, etc.).

For the v2.0 series it is best to change the various options in wifi-radar itself. The configuration options are stored in three Python dictionaries (i.e. config_defaults, config_dhcp, and config_wpa) starting around line 2820 in the wifi-radar script.

Another method would be to create a configuration file with the options you want. But if the configuration file you install is deleted, WiFi Radar will create a new file with the defaults I have set.

In either case, you may find the configuration file option details helpful.

If you have a better idea for how to provide flexible package customization, please let me know.