Last Update: March 21, 2015

WiFi Radar HOWTO

Environmental Variables in Connect and Disconnect Scripts

by Sean Robinson

There are two points in each of the connecting and disconnecting phases in which custom scripts can be executed through the shell. These are (under normal circumstances):

  1. connect pre-script
  2. connect post-script
  3. disconnect pre-scipt
  4. disconnect post-script

The following environment variables are set in the shell environment in which all four custom scripts are executed:

The following variables are set in the shell environment in which the connect post-script and disconnect pre-script are executed.

A sample connect pre-script:

#!/bin/sh # WiFi Radar connection pre-script # if [ "$WIFIRADAR_IF" = "ra0" ]; then iwpriv ra0 ENCMODE=$WIFIRADAR_ENCMODE iwpriv ra0 SECURITY=$WIFIRADAR_SECMODE fi

A sample connect post-script:

#!/bin/sh # WiFi Radar connection post-script # if [ "$WIFIRADAR_PROFILE" = "WinterPalace:" ]; then /etc/rc.d/rc.privoxy start # update record /usr/local/sbin/ddclient -i $WIFIRADAR_IP fi if [ "$WIFIRADAR_ESSID" = "HOME" ]; then mount -t nfs home-nfs:/home/sean $HOME/sean/fileserver fi

A sample disconnect post-script:

#!/bin/sh # WiFi Radar disconnection post-script # if [ "$WIFIRADAR_PROFILE" = "WinterPalace:" ]; then /etc/rc.d/rc.privoxy stop fi /bin/hostname $(cat /etc/HOSTNAME | cut -f1 -d .) /bin/domainname $(cat /etc/HOSTNAME | cut -f2- -d .)