Last Update: March 21, 2015

WiFi Radar HOWTO

Using GIT with WiFi Radar

by Sean Robinson with input from Roy Wood

The WiFi Radar GIT repository is located on TuxFamily and mirrored at (gitweb). It contains the history of WiFi Radar development since 2004-12-22. There is one branch per release series. The current list of branches is v1.9.x, v2.0.x, and master for the old, stable, and development series, respectively.

To get a local copy to work with: $ git clone git://

To check what branches you have copied locally, use: $ git branch You should see: v1.9.x v2.0.x * master

To create a new branch and change to it: $ git checkout -b fix-we_mode

gitk is your friend. gitk is a graphical client that simplifies some GIT operations, but mainly provides a visual graph of your branches and how they are related.