Last Update: March 21, 2015

WiFi Radar Official Tarballs

Development (Alpha)
  • no releases, yet

If you are the WiFi Radar v2.0 package maintainer for a distribution, please let me know where I may direct users to download your package.

Older Tarballs

Development (Alpha)
  • none


*.asc files are GPG signatures from Sean Robinson (2048g/30154530 8108 67A4 0D3E B3C1 0C77 81A0 6531 A000 118A 449B). My public key can be retrieved from your favorite key server or here.
Not everyone is comfortable using GPG, so to encourage downloaders to verify the package integrity even without GPG, an SHA-256 digest of each package is available. To use this, compare the provided signature with the value you get from sha256sum wifi-radar-x.y.z.tar.bz2.

Version Numbering

WiFI Radar uses a three stage version numbering (X.Y.Z):

e.g. 2.0.b01 is the first beta release for 2.0; 2.0.s05 is the fifth stable release for 2.0; 2.3.s10 is the tenth stable release for 2.3