Last Update: March 21, 2015



To give everyone a better idea of my future plans for WiFi Radar, here is the latest loose timeline. Some or all of this may change, including moving some goals to a later version and date.

  • Immediate - continue WR 2.1 development series for the following ideas (in decending priority (i.e. most important first)):
    1. WEP key: hex vs ASCII string (i.e. s:passwd) - Done
    2. change profile editor to tabbed notebook interface (like general preferences) - Done
    3. move icons from global vars to external files using gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(filename) - Done
    4. split classes into separate files - Done
    5. convert "x != None" statements to "x is not None" - Done
    6. change comments to docstrings (HappyDoc does not appear to be maintained) - Done
    7. use getopt module for version, logfile, loglevel, help, etc.
    8. follow Coding Style Guide - Inprogress
    9. copy or re-work custom wpa_supplicant config on per-connection basis
    10. double-clicking a profile in list opens as configure button
    11. scroll wheel scrolling should work in profile list and profile list scrollbar
    12. sortable AP list
    13. translations using gettext
  • Some time in the future - open WR 2.2 series
    1. add Python WiFi support
    2. add wesp_iwconfig and wesp_serial_iwconfig
    3. move UI to GtkBuilder
    4. split connection/scanning into a separate priviledged process
    5. make a translation layer to use wicd backend
    6. add UI functional testing (e.g. StoryText/TextTest)

If you would like to implement any (or all) of these and send in patches, please do. If you send an email to the mailing list announcing your intentions, it will help us coordinate our efforts, but it is not required.

Mailing List

Developers of WiFi Radar are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list. To subscribe, send an email with subject "subscribe" to <>.

An archive of past messages is also available.

If you are planning on doing more than just a drive-by patch submission, please do subscribe to the mailing list as I use it as the primary communication channel for development.

GIT Info

A GIT repository with the full change history since Ahmad developed WiFi Radar with SVN is hosted on TuxFamily and mirrored at

Anonymous pull/fetch access to the WiFi Radar GIT repository:

  1. TuxFamily: git://
  2. git://

I have written a (very) basic HOWTO for using GIT with WiFi Radar.

The v2.0.x branch covers development through the v2.0 stable series, while the master branch is the active development branch.

Tags are available for each release from WR 1.9.5 through the latest WR 2.0.x. The tags for v2.0.x are cryptographically signed with my GPG key (Sean Robinson (2048g/30154530 8108 67A4 0D3E B3C1 0C77 81A0 6531 A000 118A 449B)).