Last Update: March 21, 2015



I recommend using the package that comes with your distribution. If one is not available, contact your distribution provider and request that they include a WiFi Radar package in future releases.

Installing from source:

  1. Download and untar the latest Official Tarball or do a clone/pull/fetch from GIT (See the Developer Section).
  2. Change to the wifi-radar-x.y.z source directory.
  3. Type "sudo make install" (or "sudo make install sysconfdir=/etc/wifi-radar").


WiFi Radar must be run as root, so use "sudo wifi-radar" to start it.

More information is available in the User Manual.


Mailing List

Users and developers of WiFi Radar are welcome to subscribe to the mailing list. To subscribe, send an email with subject "subscribe" to <>.

An archive of past messages is also available.

Report a Bug/Request a Feature

Please submit bugs or feature requests to <>. Note that messages from non-subscribers of the mailing list will be delayed for moderator approval (i.e. filtering out spam).