Last Update: March 17, 2015

WiFi Radar HOWTO

PAM Authentication in GNOME with WiFi Radar

by Flipp Bunts

These instructions allow you to run wifi-radar as a normal user without using sudo. Thanks to Flipp Bunts <> for this HOWTO.

HOWTO get wifi-radar custom launcher to use PAM authentication in Gnome:

  1. get wifi-radar and untar
  2. put wifi-radar.svg in /usr/share/pixmaps
  3. put in /usr/local/bin
  4. ln -s /usr/bin/consolehelper /usr/local/bin/wifi-radar
  5. vi /etc/security/console.apps/wifi-radar
  6. USER=root PROGRAM=/usr/local/bin/ SESSION=true
  7. vi /etc/pam.d/wifi-radar
  8. #%PAM-1.0 auth sufficient auth sufficient auth required service=system-auth session required session optional session optional account required
  9. check the permissions
  10. # ls -lh /etc/security/console.apps/wifi-radar /etc/pam.d/wifi-radar -rw-r--r-- 1 root root /etc/pam.d/wifi-radar -rw-r--r-- 1 root root /etc/security/console.apps/wifi-radar
  11. add launcher
    1. right click on panel
    2. select 'add to panel'
    3. click on 'custom application launcher'
    4. options for 'create launcher'
    5. name : wifi-radar command : /usr/local/bin/wifi-radar icon : /usr/share/pixmap/wifi-radar.svg
  12. click on the icon, enter the root password, away you go